From Portugal,
with love

We are proudly Portuguese and focus on the unique, in-house production of three collections of pots made from recycled plastic, handmade and machine-made ceramics, and terracotta.

Three raw materials, one single purpose: to be Nature's home.

Plastic Terracotta Ceramic

With over 160 years of acquired know-how, we do what we do like no one else, taking advantage of our country's cultural heritage to develop the best, most beautiful and eco-friendly pots.

Besides producing all our pots in Portugal, 94% of our suppliers are national. Our country's design, production and high-quality craftsmanship are secrets we share with pride. We open up the path of Nature and deliver our products all over the world, promoting the Portugal brand in the most natural way possible.

From Portugal,
to the world

We currently export to over 60 countries, spread over five continents, and continue to grow. Although we maintain local production, we strive to reach all markets, and that's why we have commercial structures and agents around the world:

map world
map world

Why choose us?

By combining our craftsmanship with the quality of our raw materials, we guarantee diversified products of superior quality, unique, and excellent in-house production. We are always aware of the market and its needs, approaching each challenge with the courage that defines us.

Point of sale
Point of sale 2

“Since Artevasi’s beginning, we tried to be different and disruptive
in the way we approach both the market and the customer.”

— Rodolfo Resende, CEO 

Sustainable Innovation

for a better world

To achieve greater control over its quality, we transform recycled raw materials every day in our group purchasing centre - ARTESUPPLY - either by processing surplus production or purchasing waste for processing. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact, ensure a smaller ecological footprint in our products and align a greener path for our dream, without compromising the quality of the final product.

Created in 2020, ARTESUPPLY allows us to have better control over the stock of materials and better treatment and refinement before they go to production and give body to our beautiful and sustainable pots. We gather complete internal control of the entire supply chain and its development, production and logistics.

In February 2023, ARTESUPPLY received ISO 9001:2015 certification for the commercialisation and recycling of plastic materials. The successful audit of this standard allows us to operate more efficiently in the market, taking into account legal and regulatory requirements, as well as identifying and dealing with risks.


Artevasi VR Experience

We provide an interactive virtual reality tool that showcases our products and point of sale solutions, providing close contact with our brand concept. Our customers can navigate through different spaces designed in various styles and configurations, meeting the needs of their point of sale. Likewise, our customers can rely on the expertise of our sales team to advise them, taking into account the latest trends and the needs of their end consumers.

Roadshow truck,
a showcase on wheels

We are passionate about the relationship we create with our customers and want to be closer. Committed to providing experiences and tools beyond the product itself, we have developed an exhibition that we are proud to be able to take directly to our customers.


Through our roadshow truck, it's possible to get to know our brand, catalogues and novelties of the year, the colours and collections of the moment and enter the Artevasi world in a store concept, always with a unique and personalised service. In 2023, our roadshow truck travelled to 3 countries, taking our brand beyond borders with irreverence and innovation for 16746 km.

On the road

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