A handmade love

Handcrafting ceramic pots is a deep-rooted traditional art form in Portugal, in which we take much pride. Our local artisans put their whole passion and expertise into each piece, perpetuating unique and authentic products.

All this work gives birth to a collection full of personality, functionality, and heritage.

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A handmade story

Our ceramics come directly from the village of Oleiros (which means "potters" in Portuguese), in Barcelos - the first city in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula to join the UNESCO World Creative Cities network in the Handicrafts and Popular Art category.

A handmade ceramic pot is never the same as another, offering an unparalleled authenticity and organic approach to each piece. However, only a few artisans continue this legacy, putting at risk such a rich and unique cultural heritage. 

Nonetheless, and because Nature also respects art in its purest state, we are proud to work with local artisans for the unique development of our collection of handmade ceramics, perpetuating one of the oldest and most traditional art forms in the world. At the same time, we believe in creating the necessary foundations for young artisans to get involved and perpetuate this very unique art.

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A handmade tradition

Grandson of potters and a son of Oleiros. So begins the story  of Mr. João, a man who has been passionate about ceramics and handmade pots since he can remember. From his craft workshop, authentic pieces of art leave the nest every day straight to Artevasi, perpetuating a unique art currently in danger of extinction.

Determined to carry on his grandparents' legacy, Mr. João is also supported by the precious hands of a talented team of craftsmen, ensuring the experience of the elderly and absorbing the ideas of the youngest.

The icing on the cake is the century-old kiln, a family heritage, which provides the perfect conditions for the last stage of production - the baking at the ideal temperature - to guarantee the quality of a premium product.

Our machine-made ceramics

Innovation and tradition can go hand in hand. In addition to our artisanal know-how, we invest in producing machine-made ceramic pots focused on functionality and the balance between quality and price.

We design models and colours that complement a collection that is increasingly versatile, personalised and in line with new market trends.

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