Artevasi was born from plastic but this year we went back to our roots, where we rediscovered the heritage of our ancestors, which is our most valuable asset. We carry on the legacy of my grandparents while responding to the needs of today's market: the result is the Boialvo factory, the culmination of these desires.

— Rodolfo Resende, CEO 

An Earth heritage

In 2022, we began our adventure in terracotta production with the opening of our factory in Boialvo, a small town in the Aveiro district. Here, we bring Artevasi's latest collection to life: traditional terracotta.

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Terracota Production
Terracota Production
Terracota Production
Terracota Production

Reinventing tradition

The green path taken by Artevasi has become even greener with the terracotta collection, ensuring the use of pots made from resistant, natural and eco-friendly material.

The construction of the factory led us to rethink more sustainable production methods, which we strive to improve on a daily basis.

Terracota Show
Terracota Show
Terracotta 3

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